The Josh Boone Show

#11: Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen – Foraging, Medicinal Plants & Agricultural Sustainability

October 28, 2021 Josh Boone Episode 11
The Josh Boone Show
#11: Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen – Foraging, Medicinal Plants & Agricultural Sustainability
Show Notes

Today Josh speaks with Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen about food, health, and sustainability.

Mark is a chemist, ethnobotanist, author, speaker, and foraging expert. He has a Masters in Medicinal Chemistry, a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

For over 18 years he worked as a research chemist in the oil industry using his knowledge of natural products to develop environmentally-friendly replacements for traditional oil field chemicals.

In 2008 he started what would become one of the top foraging websites online, Foraging Texas, and has since become nationally recognized as an expert in wild edible and medicinal plants. In 2016 he released the book "Foraging", published as part of the popular Idiot’s Guide series under Penguin Random House.

Currently, he is the co-founder of Medicine Man Plant Co, where Mark has applied his decades of research and experience as a chemist to formulate blends of these traditional medicinal herbs and mushrooms with the most scientific backing.

Some of the topics we dive into are: 

  • Dynamic ecosystems, and the co-evolution of plants with humans.
  • The 80/20 on how to identify and forage edible plants.
  • The prehistoric root causes for the obesity, diabetes, and chronic illness epidemic in modern times.
  • Topsoil depletion and the micronutrients we're missing in modern diets.
  • Our detachment from nature and its downstream effects.
  • Forest bathing and outdoor therapy for ADHD.
  • The benefits of juggling and throwing things.
  • Medicinal mushrooms, cancer, and the immune system.
  • How to grow your own Lions Mane and other medicinal mushrooms.
  • The pharmaceutical industry and misaligned incentives.
  • The lack of integrity in the nootropics and supplements industry.
  • How to re-establish permaculture in your backyard.

Music by Kirby Johnston – check out his band Aldaraia on Spotify