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#35: Mark Cann – Adult ADHD Diagnosis: Strategies for Life, Love, & Business Success

November 17, 2023 Josh Boone Episode 35
The Josh Boone Show
#35: Mark Cann – Adult ADHD Diagnosis: Strategies for Life, Love, & Business Success
Show Notes

For session 35 of The Josh Boone Show, we catch up with our old friend and marketing expert, Mark Cann.

Mark is an entrepreneur, growth marketer, and now a mental health advocate. Mark is the founder of HYPAA, a recently launched science-backed ADHD education platform with the advisory of a prominent neuroscientist and dietician.

This talk is all about something very near – but maybe not so dear – to both of our hearts: Attention Hyper-Active Disorder or ADHD. Both of us were diagnosed late as adults, myself at age 23 and Mark at 42. For a long time, neither of us understood why certain things were so difficult for us, why our minds involuntarily tortured us with chaotic, scattered, and irrational thoughts.

Although we’ve found success, it’s taken years of personal research, doctor’s visits, medication, dieting, and discipline. It’s basically been life on hard mode.

I hope you’ll join us to delve into the intricacies of ADHD diagnosis, ADHD’s impact on entrepreneurial careers and relationships, and the evolving landscape of treatment.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and I don't play one on the internet, but I am a long-standing ADHD patient and have done years' worth of extensive split-testing and research. I aim to shine a light on this condition and encourage all who struggle with similar symptoms to ask hard questions and get help.

[00:00:00] Intro: Living Undiagnosed
 [00:08:04] Meet Mark Cann
[00:09:29] ADHD in the UK Explored
[00:15:02] ADHD Myths vs. Reality
[00:17:18] ADHD Success Strategies
[00:46:28] Intuition as ADHD Strength
[00:47:40] ADHD Calmness Superpower
[00:48:46] ADHD Misconceptions Clarified
 [00:55:21] ADHD, Rest, and Diet
[01:05:41] Nutrition's Impact on ADHD
[01:07:56] Personalized ADHD Healthcare
[01:23:42] ADHD Entrepreneurship Challenges
[01:26:44] ADHD Time Management Tips
[01:31:18] Hyperfocus in ADHD Success
[01:36:00] Accountability and ADHD
[01:38:50] Virtual Coworking for ADHD
[01:40:33] ADHD: Breaks for Focus
[01:44:04] ADHD Work Environment Benefits
[01:47:26] ADHD and Tech Solutions
[01:53:07] Decision Making with ADHD
[01:56:19] Networking and ADHD
[02:06:10] Support Networks for ADHD
[02:17:29] ADHD and Intentionality
[02:21:06] ADHD Parenting Journey
[02:33:02] ADHD and AI Healthcare
[02:55:01] ADHD in Workplace Future

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