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#34: Zaid Hisham – Trust Your Intuition: Conquering Fear, Stuttering & Stress

November 02, 2023 Josh Boone Episode 34
The Josh Boone Show
#34: Zaid Hisham – Trust Your Intuition: Conquering Fear, Stuttering & Stress
Show Notes

For session 34, we sit down with Zaid Hisham, a design strategist and coach to solopreneurs, with an inspiring story of overcoming personal challenges.

Zaid delves into his journey through stuttering and its deep-rooted connections to past traumas, exploring the intricate relationship between physiological responses and psychological experiences. 

Zaid has a world-class resume as a user experience strategist at companies like Intel, Apple, Microsoft, and He's harnessed his expertise in design to reshape his life, confronting and overcoming his challenges one layer at a time. And now, he's on a mission to empower others to do the same.

This episode delves deep into Zaid's transformative journey and design thinking in personal growth. Not only his past but we explore his current daily battles, including the ever-present specter of imposter syndrome.

[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:09:17] Stuttering & Authority Figures
[00:19:55] PTSD vs. Complex Trauma Differences
[00:28:01] Identifying Personal Trauma Triggers
[00:40:22] High Blood Pressure and Kidney Health
[00:50:41] Stoicism vs. Emotional Suppression Debate
[01:02:16] ADHD Management with Adderall
[01:19:02] Root Causes of Stuttering Unveiled
[01:35:22] How Past Trauma Shapes Perception
[01:46:40] Entrepreneurial Turmoil: Personal Experiences
[02:03:33] Releasing Childhood Judgments for Growth
[02:19:18] Entrepreneurial Lessons from Personal Challenges
[02:32:16] Conquering Entrepreneurial Perfectionism
[02:44:52] Growth Mindset: Beyond Searching for Cures
[03:00:18] Applying Artistic Process to Life
[03:11:46] Breaking Dysfunctional Family Patterns
[03:35:35] The Importance of Trusting Your Intuition
[03:42:45] The Power of Dialogue and Connection

Zaid's story is one of empowerment and resilience. His insights aren't just inspiring—they're a call to action for anyone ready to take the driver's seat in their life's journey. It's a testament that with effort, we can rewrite our stories. But it's a continuous journey.

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