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#33: Seth Erickson – Navigating Dating, Politics & Humanity in the AI Era

September 22, 2023 Josh Boone Episode 33
The Josh Boone Show
#33: Seth Erickson – Navigating Dating, Politics & Humanity in the AI Era
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For Session 33, we welcome back entrepreneur, storyteller, and author Seth Erickson.

Seth has found success as the former CEO of award-winning marketing firm Kodis Agency, as a Partner at Storify Agency, where he helps startups transform their branding and messaging, and as the author of the marketing psychology book “How To Hack Humans.”

In this session, Josh and Seth use their AI and marketing expertise to consider the implications of increased reliance on machines and algorithms.

// In our conversation, we dive into:

[00:00:00] Intro: AI's Impact on Society & Self-Development
[00:04:55] AI Changes Online Dating & Relationships
[00:19:40] Challenges of Finding Love Through Apps
[00:26:46] Can Algorithms Really Find Your Perfect Partner?
[00:39:01] How AI Impacts Dating in Small Towns & Rural Areas
[00:46:12] AI Threatens Job Security for Hollywood Writers
[00:55:12] AI's Impact on Storytelling & Content Creation
[01:05:16] How AI Will Disrupt Jobs & The Economy
[01:09:34] AI for Personalized Marketing & Experiences
[01:15:25] Political Propaganda & Algorithms Polarizing World Views
[01:35:06] AI Impact on Social Media & Misinformation Concerns
[01:42:54] What Laws Are Needed to Control AI Dangers?
[02:04:10] AI & Loss of Critical Thinking
[02:10:19] Social Media: The New Opium of The Masses?
[02:16:09] Will China & Russia Surpass a Declining America?
[02:23:32] The Unpredictable Future With AI
[02:29:34] Was The Atomic Bomb Justified?
[02:34:22] Dangers of Unregulated AI Development
[02:41:27] The Vulnerabilities & Ethical Implications of AI Hacking Humans
[02:51:52] NeuroLink & Brain Chips - Amazing or Terrifying?
[02:58:10] Dietary Changes to Treat ADHD
[03:10:53] Crowdsourced Healthcare Powered by AI
[03:25:33] Ambition & Entrepreneurship With Chronic Illness
[03:30:35] Using Storytelling to Make Sense of Your Life's Journey
[03:36:01] Chainsaw Man & Anime Recommendations
[03:57:17] Using Storytelling in Resumes & Personal Branding

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