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#29: Josh Schachnow – Immigration, Misinformation & Death

January 18, 2023 Episode 29
The Josh Boone Show
#29: Josh Schachnow – Immigration, Misinformation & Death
Show Notes

Josh Schachnow is an immigration lawyer, entrepreneur, and host of the "Solopreneur Grind" podcast. As a Toronto-based immigration lawyer, Josh has helped over 100 skilled workers move to Canada.

In 2019, he co-founded Visto, a platform that aims to give skilled workers a trusted, easy, and affordable way to immigrate and achieve permanent residence in Canada.

He also is the host of Solopreneur Grind. In this podcast, he interviews entrepreneurs running one-person businesses, where they share their insights and experiences of what can often be a difficult and lonely journey.

Check out my episode with Josh on Solopreneur Grind, episode #108 on YouTube

In this episode, we dive into quite a lot, including:

  • Long-form podcasting, Joe Rogan, misinformation, and media censorship.
  • The most alarming things he sees as an immigration lawyer.
  • What to do if you wanted to immigrate to another country.
  • The impact of misinformation, climate change, and remote work on global immigration.
  • The impact of rising house prices on millennials.
  • The future of humanity, and lots more.

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