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#25: Dr. Paulomi Campbell – Holistic Psychotherapy, Identity & Toxic Relationships

October 12, 2022 Josh Boone Episode 25
The Josh Boone Show
#25: Dr. Paulomi Campbell – Holistic Psychotherapy, Identity & Toxic Relationships
Show Notes

Dr. Paulomi Campbell, Ph.D. is a holistic psychologist based in Charlotte, NC. She received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from University at Buffalo in 2007.

Since then, she’s served as a psychologist at Levine Cancer Institute and Columbia St. Mary's, as well as being an Assistant Professor at both Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Marquette University.

Currently, she is the Founder of Inara Therapy + Wellness, where she has taken her experiences over the past 15 years in the healthcare field to offer a unique form of holistic psychotherapy which utilizes traditional and non-traditional therapies to help clients view themselves with compassion rather than judgment, and create a fuller integration between the body and mind.

Some of the topics we dive into are:

(0:00:00) Introduction
(0:02:29) The Benefits of Podcasting for Entrepreneurs
(0:05:44) The Importance of Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
(0:13:35) The Impact of Isolation in a Family of Medical Professionals
(0:15:09) Growing up in an Indian-American Family
(0:18:09) The Impact of Scarcity Mindset on Parent-Child Relationships
(0:25:43) The Impact of Family Expectations on Life Decisions and Mental Health
(0:35:02) The Different Ways That People Process Emotions
(0:36:48) The Benefits of Neuroplasticity in Emotional Healing
(0:39:54) The Power of Being Seen and Heard
(0:41:56) The Benefits of Psychotherapy and Seeking Help
(0:55:02) Unhealthy Relationships and Mental Health
(0:56:29) Emotional Unavailability in Relationships
(1:02:01) Change and Fear in Relationships
(1:08:08) The Power of Faith
(1:12:04) Karma and the Purpose of Life
(1:13:38) The Benefits of a Religious Perspective
(1:15:47) Minimalist Lifestyle
(1:18:37) The Benefits of Mindfulness
(1:20:10) The Friction Points That Cause People Not to Follow Through
(1:22:08) Consistency and Achieving Goals
(1:23:41) The Future of Mental Health
(1:25:33) Western Medicine and Mental Health
(1:35:40) Over-Medicalization and the Threat to Alternative Medicine
(1:37:46) Leaky Gut Syndrome
(1:41:13) Holistic Therapy for Mental Health
(1:43:16) Functional Medicine
(1:49:17) The Impact of Family on Career Decisions
(1:51:10) Insecurity, Sensitivity, and Busyness in a Relationship
(1:55:00) How to Stay Emotionally Balanced as a Professional Therapist
(1:59:24) Pessimistic Optimism, Empathy and the Future of Humanity

Connect with Paulomi:

Music by Kirby Johnston – check out his band Aldaraia on Spotify.