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#15: Matthew Caruana – Resilience & Surviving Suicide

January 03, 2022 Episode 15
The Josh Boone Show
#15: Matthew Caruana – Resilience & Surviving Suicide
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Today Josh talks with Matthew Caruana about depression, suicide, resilience, and purpose.

Matthew is a speaker, youth advocate, and suicide survivor. He attempted suicide at the age of 16, which left him a paraplegic, but ultimately led him to find his passion and purpose in life.

Now Matthew is a speaker at schools, colleges, and mental health conferences internationally, and has been featured on ABC News, The Daily Telegraph, and more. His goal is to share his story and the lessons he has learned to inspire and guide millions of youth in overcoming their own drug abuse, depression, and anxiety to live a life of happiness, passion, and purpose.

Some of the topics we dive into are:

  • Alienation and addiction.
  • Social media and self-worth.
  • Depression and anxiety, and our relationship to them as we age.
  • The aftermath of a suicide attempt.
  • Hope and overcoming the fear of vulnerability.
  • The effects of art and music on our mental health.
  • The roles of medications and adversity.
  • The tight rope of supporting a suicidal person in your life.
  • Resilience and escaping the downward spiral of depression.
  • Love, trust, and purpose.

Connect with Matthew – Website: LinkedIn: @Matt-Caruana Instagram: @MattShares

Music by Kirby Johnston – check out his band Aldaraia on Spotify

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